Zaterdag 8 juni
Univé Mainstage

For roughly 26 years the loaded with prized BLØF has sung the hymn of the Zeeuwish
coast. On palmares of this (number 1-) hit cannon are twelve studio albums including the
movie hits “Alles Is Liefde” and “Mannenharten” with Nielson but also “Holiday in Spain” with
“Counting Crows”, “Liefs uit Londen”, “Aan De Kust”, “Harder Dan Ik Hebben Kan”, “Dansen
Aan Zee”, the phenomenal “Mooie Dag” – and you can keep going for a while. With the song “Zoutelande” the band books one record after another. The song was recently announced as
the greatest Dutch sung songs in de “Mega Top 50”.

With 19 notings BLØF is the greatest Dutch deliverer in the Radio 2 top 20000 of 2018.

Saturday the 8th of June they’ll be on the Mainstage of hello festival.

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