For a lot of visitors a long awaited wish will come true. Daniël Lohues with a band at Hello
Festival. Under the name Daniël Lohues – Electric he brings a choice of bandsongs from his
wide ouvre from the past twenty five years. He himself says this about it: “Het wordt dampen,
een popconcert, rock & roll, of hoe het ook heet. Fender om de hals. Gitaarversterker voluit.
Zweet voor de kop.” (“It's gonna be fuming, a pop concert, rock & roll, or whatever they call
it. Fender round the neck. Amp full on. Sweat on the face.”) With Lohues (guitar and vocals)
the band consists of Bernard Gepken (guitar), Reyer Zwart (bass), Bram Hakkens (drums)
and Ferry Lagendijk (Keys).


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