The Netherlands’ greatest rock band ever is coming back to Emmen. Golden Earring is one of the longest existing bands in the world and is the finale on Sunday June 9th on the

After their first hit Please Go Golden Earring made the top 10, with a resulting
triumphal march from 1965. The dormant international interest for the Dutch pop phenomena
is provocation for multiple American tours. Golden Earring shared the poster with acts like
Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, The Wo and ZZ Top.

World hits
The Band scored 2 world hits Radar Love and Twilight Zone. Since then Golden Earring
tours inexhaustibly on and pulls full halls and festivals! After half a century Barry Hay, Cesar
Zuiderwijk George Kooymans en Rinus Gerritsen popularity has not dwindled.
The repertoire of Golden Earring is bottomless.

Sunday June 9th will filled with hits from 50
years of Earring-History.


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