Zaterdag 8 juni
Univé Mainstage

Jonathan Vandenbroeck saw his life light for the first time at july 14 1981 in Borgerhout,
Belgium. To us the Belgian singer-songwriter is known under the name Milow, he’s seen as
one of the most successful so called “DIY” musicians in Europe. “DIY” stands for “Do It
Yourself”, so Milow is a musician that does is all by himself. Milow released his debut album
titled “The Bigger Picture” in 2006 with his own record label Homerun Records.
The fourth single coming from that album, “You Don’t Know”, became one of Belgium's
greatest hits. The album “The Bigger Picture” was in the album hit lists for 110 weeks.
However, with the album “Coming of Age” (2008) – released in 2009 under the name “Milow”

– he managed to reach European commercial success. The album reached top ten in many
european countries. The single “Ayo Technology” caused Milows large international
breakthrough. “Ayo Technology” reached first place in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark,
Switzerland and Belgium. Milow took multiple platinum and gold records for the single. Since
then Milow keeps storming the hit lists with songs like “You And Me”, “Little In The Middle”
and “Howling At The Moon”. Milow, saturday 8th of June Mainstage.


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