The Kik speelt Boudewijn de Groot met Orkest
Zondag 9 juni
Zebra stage
The Kik speelt Boudewijn de Groot met Orkest

“Voor de overlevenden” en “Picknick”, two classic albums from Boudewijn de Groot who
generation after generation is viewed as such. Never before were these records integrally
performed. Until now. As great admirers of the music of Boudewijn de Groot, the lyrics of
Lennaert Nijgh and the arrangements of Bert Paige, Kik received the approval of the
grandmaster himself to bow down on his two key albums, from 1966 and 1968 respectively.
The Kik met Orkest are opening on sunday the 9th of June on the Zebra Stage of the festival
in Emmen.

About the Kik
The Rotterdam beet band The Kik brings a smile on everyone's faces with their perfect
multivocally sang sixties pop. After the debut album “Springlevend”(2012, with the irresistible
summer hit “Simone”) The Kik has under leadership of multitalent Dave von Raven
developed itself on many areas. The were the house band of DWDD for a season, putNederpop Hero Armand in the sun and made the title song for the movie “Toen Was Geluk
Heel Gewoon”.

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